I promised I would be more active on here..

this is NOT DR related but hey, its all I got for now! Once in awhile we get hit with what we call the plagues of Egypt. By this we mean that we are hit with multiple difficulties at one time. My husband flew to L.A. for business for 3 days and my children from hard places were terrified he would not come back, that he would die, etc. Plus my youngest girls birthday is tomorrow and that makes a nasty brew for these kiddos….they act out like crazy because of their fear levels. Add in me still going through this blasted miscarriage (can we say frustrating…its been 4+ weeks), the two littlest have croup and my eye is hurting like its either a sty or a pink eye, hubster now has really bad jet lag, etc…see what I mean? Lots on our plate that all falls at once. But these are passing and fleeting and we’re so glad that the plagues do eventually abate.

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