We do that too

separate out restaurant eating from groceries. I also separate out food from health & beauty, cleaning supplies, paper products, etc. I get groceries at the grocery store, none from Walmart. I get the other stuff mentioned at Walmart

All this separation may seem like work but it helps me see what we are truly spending on each category. Basically I have a groceries category and a Wal-Mart category so it is not really hard.

Food is tough!

I’m with Eldred , almost. I would say start with $750, or maybe $725, and then try to beat it.

Also if you haven’t already I would separate groceries from takeout and restaurants. It’s easier for me to see what the tradeoffs are if I keep those separate.

I have a teenager too and even though she’s a small girl, she can really eat!

It helps me a bit to understand why the big bills are big. Am I stocking up on staples because of a big sale or have I gone overboard with junk food and prepared food? I also bought some food specifically for our teen guests to keep in the basement – large bulk boxes of soda cans and the large size of ice cream (my daughter and I are happy eating single-serve ice creams but a gang of teenagers will plow right through those!)