Your story about Valentines gifts reminded me of what we did this year

The last 2-3 weeks have been crazy around here. dh went on a trip with some men from church that was planned several months ago, left on 2/6 and got home 2/9. They went to Atlanta for a men’s conference. It’s a long story but he had to leave less than 24 hours later to be with his dad while having surgery to help him recover from a burn injury. Originally the surgery was supposed to be Wednesday, 2/12 and dh was going to go up on 2/11. Then we got a call it was on 2/11. So dh packed a quick bag on 2/10 and left. On the way up dh got a call that it was 2/12 after all. He went on up and spent a little extra time with his dad. The hospital is about 5+ hours from us. I figured Valentines would be bypassed for us this year. I was dealing with a toe issue and had to go to the doctor and was dealing with some short term depression, anxiety and stress over several things (kind of like a Seasonal Affective Disorder type thing) … our weather had had been overcast/rainy for days on end which did not help. Anyway, dh got home on Thursday, 2/13. That evening he showed me something he had gotten dd for valentine’s day. I thought to myself that it was nice of him to do that, figuring WE were forgoing the holiday. Then he says he has something for me too!

At this point, I had not even thought about valentine’s gifts. I felt really bad. However on Friday I went to Hobby Lobby with a friend. I saw a picture, rather large actually, of old cars. dh loves old cars! My friend said, “John would LOVE that!” at the exact time I was thinking it. It was on sale for 50% off which put it in my budget. When I saw it, before knowing the price, I thought, “how can I NOT get that for John?” LOL I was so glad it was ½ off because I would have fretted over getting it at regular price.

Anyway, on Valentine’s evening when dh got home I gave his picture to him and he loved it. I got dd a dvd of a movie she’d been wanting and we all watched it after supper. It turned out to be a wonderful day after all.

There’s the portion of the software that shows your bank transactions

and those are going to be exactly what the bank sends to Quicken. So if the bank has a single savings account with a lump sum in it, that’s exactly what it’s going to send to Quicken and that’s what you’ll see in the register. Having said that, there are other sections of Quicken which allow you to set up spending budgets, spending histories, and set/track goals. Given what you’ve said, I think exploring those other sections would be worthwhile. In previous editions of Quicken the budgeting section allowed you to do most of what you’re talking about, but in Quicken 2013 some of those options changed. I don’t know if Quicken 2014 restored those options, changed them again, or kept everything the same. But try to think of Quicken as serving two different purposes – a ledger to record what actually happened, and a planning tool to figure out what to do in the future. Those two sections don’t always talk to each other but you can usually figure out how to accomplish your goals in either one or the other.