What I do is keep track of what I spend in every month

Last year was my first year in doing so….

Then, this year—I budget the amount I spent in the month last year….and then I try to beat it.

For example—last January was my high amount at $665…. This year in January–I spent $563..

February last year –I spent $458

Right now, I sit at $257 for the month so far…and am doing pretty well this month–so should beat last year’s February.

Money saving ideas:

1. have a food challenge month—where you only buy the items you absolutely need to supplement what you already have.

2. focus on the sale items each time you go shopping….if really low on something–try to buy extras to tide you to the next sale.

3. make budget meals–meals that are low cost, yet filling.

4. prepare foods yourself–buying processed foods cost more

5. make snack foods for the kids…. at this growing stage…if they wait until meals to eat—they will pack in the food….some ideas: banana bread, homemade pizza pockets, popcorn (can bag in sandwich bags for grab and snack convenience)

I know this is going to sound like

I am tooting my own horn, but you asked so I’ll answer. I work HARD at our food budget. We are three adults and the two guys are meat and tater type fellows with big appetites. So I buy in bulk, use coupons when it works well for us, plant a small veggie garden when we aren’t traveling and COOK FROM SCRATCH, when I can’t buy ready made cheaper.

Here comes the horn part. Read my blog. I offer up several inexpensive meal ideas that are filling, easy and fast to make and you can do in bulk. Then if you see a recipe mentioned you’d like to try and it is in a different color it has a hyperlink to take you to the recipe. I’m back to blogging a LOT now so there will lots of additions to it soon.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s I was an extreme couponer, but with just the three of us I find making my own mixes, bulk cooking and bulk purchasing work better for us.